"Sublime. Sparklingly atmospheric tunes." TheMusic.com.au

"Truly stunning." Indie Shuffle

"This is really pleasing stuff with some crisp electronic production anchoring Rose’s vocals." Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J

“A gorgeous voice, an amazing singer-songwriter.” Clare Bowditch

"Atmospheric – almost otherworldly. Wintergreen’s vocals are strong and vulnerable." Cargo Art Magazine

"Aurora is a stunning album." Angie Hart (Frente, Splendid)

"Rose Wintergreen creates beautiful songs, straddling the electronic and folk worlds simultaneously (not an easy feat)… "Aurora" is a collection of songs worthy of a considered listen." David Bridie

"The audience absorbed every minute, rapt in the performance… A voice like birdsong… the audience was treated to crooning vocals, wandering electronic melodies and a dash of whimsy. We simply can’t get enough." Hessian Magazine

"Slow and wistful synth-pop that is very tastefully arranged. Wintergreen’s voice is slung slightly lower than much of the current crop of indie-chanteuses which helps give the whole package an Annie Lennox feel." Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ

"You might start off with your feet in the sand but by the end of this song you’ll be in the ocean, drifting away to somewhere serene." Dom Alessio, Triple J